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Jeannette’s 30th B-day and our 1 Year Trail Anniversary!

Wow what a big day! I never thought I’d be spending my big 3-0 birthday far from home with someone I don’t know on the adventure of a lifetime! It’s far from normal, but definitely an interesting and exciting way to spend my birthday! But then, when do I ever do anything ‘normal”?! I don’t know how the “number” will affect me. Some people are bothered by turning 30; others not so much. I think being on a big adventure and living on the edge with excitement in life¬† is one way not to get the ‘feeling-sorry-for-yourself’ blues on your 30th birthday! I guess I’ll have to update you on that theory. Besides, I’m still healthy, physically strong, accomplishing dreams, and looking forward to what God has in store for our future. No need to be blue about that- but rather excited!

Additionally, this is a BIG day for Richard and I both. Today is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY WE STARTED THIS COAST TO COAST RIDE! Holy cow! I can’t believe we’ve been away from home for that long! It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been a whole year. And even though we’ve ridden every step of the way, we can hardly wrap our minds around the fact that we’ve gone well over 2,500 miles ON A HORSE! Despite the fact that we are several states behind where we would have liked to be at this time, we can honestly say we know we are right where we are supposed to be as God has had his hand in this the whole way.We are very grateful that we have successfully kept the same horses with us that we started with. “No subtractions and two additions,” Richard likes to say! In the process we have gained the friendship of another horse, and now a dog as well. Not to mention all the wonderful friends we have gained along the way. This trip has really changed our lives and given us very new perspectives. We are continually and utterly grateful for ALL the help that everyone has given us along the way, and most of all for God’s protection and provision throughout every mile.

In the upcoming months, we simply ask for your prayers, encouragement, and support in whatever way possible to urge us quickly towards the finish line. We are both still completely committed to finishing and we look forward to getting all 28 of our feet in the ocean! :)

Oh- and thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Apache, Satchmo, Tiska, and Fiddle for sticking it out the whole way and putting up with our crazy dream and goals. I know we told you it would only be a year, but thanks for your willing attitudes. Thank you to Chance for jumping right in and becoming one of the gang. You are a real trooper. You are the best 5 horses anyone could ask for. And to Bella- thank you for adopting us. You have made our lives more rich in excitement and joy. We know you have the heart to make it to the end. We can not put into words how richly you six animals have blessed our lives.


  1. Hey Happy Birthday!!! And you are not old!! You guys are doing a great job!! Thank you Jesus for watching over you guys. and your dog is beautiful… Take care! God Bless you!!

  2. A belated happy birthday, Jeannette–you don’t become old until you start to think you are. Keep your sense of wonder and adventure, and you’ll stay young for a long time!

  3. I still can’t tell you how proud I am of you both! Happy Birthday Jeannette and Happy One Year of the Ride Across America! Come on, Delaware!

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