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Jumping Fences

You either love mules, or you hate mules. Well, that’s not entirely true. Maybe it would be more fair to say that for each individual mule. They are so different than horses- some are wonderful, and some are just plain awful. Now Fiddle- you gotta love her. She’s a sweety- as forgiving and gentle as mules get. She does her job without complaint, doesn’t get into trouble, and is easy- as mules go- to work with. But she has one bad habit- she jumps fences. Now she doesn’t do this regularly, only if she has a good reason. Like grass on the outside and none on her side. Or last night- it was something- we never figured out what- worrying her badly. It doesn’t matter how high the fence. She was in at least a 5 1/2 foot tall stall size corral. No room for a running start. Her athletic ability is astounding. She just stands in place and out she goes. She was very agitated when we went to bed. We tried to comfort her, gave her a little extra hay to distract her, switched her around to be in between the horses, anything we could think of. As we were drifting off to sleep, we heard a commotion, then running feet- not a good sign. We jumped out of the tent to see the tail end of Fiddle a long ways off. We grabbed a halter, turned around, and she was back. You see, the good thing about mules is they love their horses! She won’t go far for long without them, so she came right back. We had no choice but to tie her to the fence for the night- which meant that nervous pawing was our lulaby. Then the coyotes came in and started yipping again. But alas, sleep is overrated- isn’t it?!

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