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Kansas Goal

Happy New Year!

On this lovely New Year’s day of 2011, I thought it would be fitting to tell you about our goal for Kansas so you can have the opportunity to help if you desire.

As you know, our goal for this ride is to raise 2 million dollars. Now that we are in civilization and getting in the media more, we are breaking up that big goal to small bite sized goals!

Our goal for Kansas is to find 4,000 generous people to donate $50 before we get to the Missouri border!

They don’t have to be all Kansans to donate, though this state has taken a particular interest in making it happen. Other donation sizes will help too… for example, we will count $25 as 1/2 a person and $100 as two people. So if you are reading this- help us reach our goal! There are enough daily readers that if each one found just one friend to get excited about Hearts Up Ranch and share a donation, we would be almost 1/4 the way to that goal already! Kansas is really excited about this goal too.

As of this writing, we are barely across the border and have already received 51 donations of $50! That’s a great start!

Additionally, we have added a “Current Goal for Kansas”  page to the website so you can keep updated on the tally! Let the excitement begin!

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