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K-LOVE Radio Interview

If you listen to K-LOVE or can listen, at some point tomorrow (Wednesday July 27th), they will be running our first nationally broadcasted radio interview. It is a Christian radio network so just google what your local call numbers are for the station or listen to it online at KLOVE.com. We don’t have a time specified, so just tune in for the day if you can! Otherwise, I believe they tape it and we will post a link as soon as we can in case you miss it. Thanks!


  1. God has truley blessed you all and all of us, in knowing that the Almighty Father, Son and Holy Spirit are seeing you and this journey through! Take care and I just know there are more blessings and adventures to come. Has anyone offered to loan you a good saddle horse when you are on your way? That could give all the horses a break.
    God Bless and heal well.

  2. I was so inspired by your story when I heard it on KLOVE! Wow, I will also be praying for you and the rest of your journey. I look forward to keping tabs on how things are going and can’t wait to see how God intends to fulfill this dream!

    I can’t help but ask, where exactly you are from? As you can see I share your last name. I know this may be a long shot but I have quite a few relatives in California (some I don’t even know). It would be interesting and encouraging to know if we are distantly related!! You see, not very many members of that side of the family are Christians.

    Again, thank you for your inspiring story!


  3. I had KLOVE turned full blast in the kennels at work this morning so I wouldn’t miss your intervies. It was awesome! I also was truly inspired. God is doing great things in your lives and leading you on an awesome journey of faith.
    God Bless all of you!!

  4. I heard about your story and ministry through KLove today on the radio. It caught my attention for a number of reasons, but mainly because my husband and I and a few friends moved from the east coast to Colorado with the vision to begin a ranch ministry centered around horses and healing of the heart. We (4 adults and 8 children) are currently waiting on God to provide housing/land and a green light to begin this ministry. We almost lost hope for it recently, but I believe hearing about your story today has brought encouragement and confirmation that God is in the faith business. It is essential for our journey! I will join others in praying for protection, peace, and provision for you in the days, weeks and months ahead!

    God bless!
    Matt. 6:25-34

  5. I always listen to K love because of the variety of music it has and I heard them mention your story. I just wanted to say God bless you! and may he guide your every path!!

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