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Leaving Pueblo behind

After a short TV interview,  saying goodbye one last time to Anne and Bev, and a tour around the old buildings that used to be a Mexico boarder crossing after the Louisiana Purchase at our new friends Rebecca and Dennis’ home, we loaded up and headed out to face the city on horseback. Thankfully, Chuck- accompanied by two teen riders- joined us for the day to guide us through the tricky parts of Pueblo. We followed the bike trail by the river until we came to some construction which forced us to go around. It’s a good thing Chuck was there because we had to navigate through many city streets to find our way around and back to the bike path. The cool part about the detour was that we got to go by Chuck’s shop where there was a water spring that, according to legend, Buffallo Bill and his livestock drank out of. Our horses got a sip of the famous water while we took the opportunity for a pit stop!

While at Chuck’s shop, Celestia, a lady who had contacted me a week earlier, came by to meet us and take pictures. She invited us to stay at her house that night. We had optimistic visions of going further that day, but as I mentioned yesterday, the horses are not yet feeling like walking very fast. We ended up staying at her house. :) On the way, we walked by a car wrecking yard with lots of noise and cars swing around on cranes. Most of the horses were a bit nervous, but Satchmo walked right by like nothing was going on. I looked back to see a huge grin on Richard’s face. We were both very proud of Satchmo- he has come so far in confidence in just the few years we have owned him.

Celestia opened her home to us like family. The horses stayed in her corrals and we were invited to come and go at will. She was going to be gone for the evening and she informed us that her family was preparing that night for her father’s funeral in the morning. I was shocked and touched that at such a difficult time for them, they did not hesitate to invite us in- nor did she even let us know until we had committed to staying there so we wouldn’t feel guilty for accepting the offer. What a wonderful heart and a testimony to the goodness that we are all capable of. Sometimes it takes a little extra strength from God to lend a hand to others, and this sweet woman showed that even during her grief. Thank you Celestia for touching our hearts with your open heart and open home.

Since Celestia was gone for the evening, we took a special opportunity to go out to eat with a dear friend….. Mike May from Nevada! His family was the one we stayed with for nearly a month when Apache was sick with Lyme Disease, and he had flown out to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with his sisters. He came and found us at Celestia’s house, we exchanged big hugs, he helped us unsaddle, and we talked like crazy trying to catch up on all the news. We had a wonderful evening with him and his sisters, as well as Pastor Jake and his wife who we had met at the cowboy church. Then we fell soundly asleep in Celestia’s daughter’s room…. covered in Michael Jackson memorabilia (which I found hysterical since Richard despised him!) :)

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