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Licking our Wounds

A quick update on the ‘aftermath’ of the accident. We were ready to head out Saturday morning, but upon waking- we saw that Tiska was dead lame on her back leg. This was so disappointing after everyone doing so well. We called the vet, but it appeared that her fetlock joint is injured. Richard and I struggled with feelings of defeat, fear, worry, and not knowing what decisions to make next. So we called home and asked people to start- or rather- continue praying. The next day, Tiska was almost completely better! We were amazed that she went from baring no weight whatsoever on that leg to being able to walk fairly comfortable on it! God really does heal. Today, she is doing well- maybe 95%.

Richard was given a chiropractic adjustment and the gentleman that did that is coming out tomorrow to work on Tiska too! How God provides for ALL our needs! We are optimistic about being able to leave on Wednesday with a light load on Tiska and taking it nice and slow for a while until everyone is completely recuperated. Please also pray for the Kruger family that is hosting us. May they be abundantly blessed and know the hand of God. They have treated us like royalty and have seen to it that our every need and desire is cared for. They have made countless phone calls to secure permission to ride through private property on the next leg of our journey and to get media interviews for us about the accident and to further the cause of Hearts Up Ranch. Their kindness and generosity in hosting us and all four horses with no definite leave date has made the continuation of this ride even possible. We thank God for putting them in our lives and we thank each and every one of you who have called, donated, encouraged, and especially prayed for us on this journey.  Hugs to all- Richard and Jeannette  and РTiska, Satchmo, Apache, and Fiddle

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