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Listening to God

God cares about the desires of our hearts. This ride across country started as a dream. But a strong will alone would have faltered under the strain of planning it without God’s guidance, encouragement, and sense of humor. When we doubted the vision of Hearts Up, He sent people to encourage us again and again and again. When we questioned the sanity of this ride, He gave us reminders of how much worse regret is. When we wondered out loud if we were hearing Him correctly to go for it, people handed us cash for the cause within 4 hours. When we had no idea how to build a website to share with the world, He connected us in a week with a designer who donated his services. When we argued and cried about the difficulty of planning, God led our feet into a grocery store 1 hour later where we walked out with a gift of more produce than we can eat, dehydrate, and share before it rots from now until we leave. When we shared our frustration about the slow process
 of the donate button becoming active, the phone rang immediately with the message that the button worked! We wiped away our tears and laughed until we cried some more! God does have a sense of humor. Following His will is quite a ride as He does everything in His own perfect timing- if only to teach us a lesson on trust. But it is a ride that brings great joy knowing we are doing something that God finds important enough to keep us encouraged. We remind each other frequently of these and many other encouragements from God so that we can lay our anxious thoughts aside and know that He has it all under control.

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