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Living on the wild side!

And you thought riding our horses across America was wild! Try riding in a vehicle when it blows a tire!

Yup that’s right! The tire blew- tread everywhere; plastic parts of the truck strewn down the road. And what a scary few seconds of rattling, swerving, and white knuckles! Thanks to Camby’s steady driving, we pulled safely off the road and everyone was ok. We took a few moments to allow the color to come back to our faces and our hands to steady before we got out to survey the damage.

We had been traveling with our hosts in Milford to run a few errands and pick up a new cinch for Fiddle in Cedar City. Needless to say, much of the day’s plans were substituted with getting to town and buying new tires! We never did figure out what caused the blow. But thankfully, we got to the store in time to pick up the new cinch, so Fiddle should be much happier now! The things we do for our horses! :)

We really have enjoyed our stay in Milford despite the scary incident! After we stumbled our way into town that first night, the Reynolds stopped by the public arena where we were planning to stay and invited us to dinner. We were quite thankful since we were so tired we were considering starving for the night and just going to bed! Now that we are in Utah, we are getting a fast forward education about Mormonism. But more than anything, we have enjoyed our many laughs with this family, their two sweet little boys, a Chinese buffet dinner, and a fun day to visit a local attraction. Cove Fort is a well preserved fort that was used for the Overland Stagecoach, a telegraph station, and protection from cross country travelers. The tour was great, with many neat stories and artifacts. Do you know where the saying “sleep tight” comes from? We do! Any guesses? The answer will be coming soon……..!

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  1. i think your trip by horse back across america is great! when you get to the ocean in deleware where the trail ends please tale lots of pics! esp of the ocean.i have one great little horse . shes 14.3 a beginners horse and im thinking about doing what your doing too next year. pretty much. im disabled as well but can ride take care of a calm horse like i have is there any place on the trial that is steep and /or has a drop off over a cliff?( dangerous) im asking that cos i am very interested in safety for me and my horse and d like to avoid those areas . or any other dangerous parts on the trail form indiana all the way to deleware.. and any other places you might suggest avoiding. ty linda

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