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Local Hospitality

Mike and Denise Dutton were wonderful hosts. They enjoyed the amusement of the police run-in we had, and we had wonderful conversation all evening. They went out of their way to help us. Mike told us of a quiet canal road for us to ride on and he even went to make sure the gates were unlocked so we could get through. We accidentally passed by Fort Bent from a distance- we had intended to take a detour and go see it, but didn’t realize we had passed the road until we were way beyond it. Oh well.

We were getting close to our destination for the night- friends of the Duttons- when Mike drove by with a couple bales of hay. It has blown us away how much these Eastern Coloradans have come out of the woodwork to help us along, find us places to stay so we don’t have to camp in the cold, and make sure our horses are fed well and don’t have to survive just on dry grass! What a blessing it has been. But it only continued….

The Duttons took us back to their house for the night while our horses stayed in a corral. We had a lovely visit and coffee in the morning with the lively and funny 80 plus year old couple before packing up our horses. During the day,  Fred, another local who had been contacted by  Milli, the pastor’s wife at the nearby cowboy church, stopped by while we were riding. He wanted to make sure we were doing ok, and since we didn’t know where we were stopping that night, he drove ahead of us and found us a place! Fred took it upon himself to also bring us hay…. then his mom insisted on helping and did not want to see us camping in the cold- so she paid for a hotel room for us – which Fred brought us to as soon as we unloaded and fed the horses! It’s the first hotel we’ve stayed in on the whole trip and the king bed was a real luxury!

We’ve heard that Kansas is real friendly, and if Eastern Colorado is a springboard into the next state and any indication of what is to come…. we are in for a real treat. Thank you to all you wonderful E. Coloradans who have made us feel so welcome! It is a blessing beyond words to spend so many wonderful nights in your homes. I have been begging God for a mild winter- which so far it has been- because I had no idea how I would survive winter in a tent! We haven’t had to worry about that at all in a couple weeks! :)

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