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Local Magic!

I can’t even put into words how much we are blessed by and appreciate all the locals who have helped us ‘create’ a trail to keep going East. Tomorrow, Richard and I will be leaving the Dunlap’s hospitality and riding up Sonoma Mountain. We have been granted special permission by the county to pass through their property (thank you ladies for your fast response and making it happen!), have acquired an escort with gate keys through the adjoining park, and have the next three nights and rest stop of where we are camping already lined up! This gets us all the way into Napa, where we also have some folks working on how to get us from Napa over to Fairfield. All this would not have happened without the generosity, initiative, and support of the local community. Thank you to Rob and Robyn, the ladies at the county Open Space office, Pat, Maggie, Denise, Anne, John, Terry, Abby, the sheriff”s office, and anyone else I may have missed who has referred us to their contacts. Because everyone worked together and rallied around Richard and I, we will now be able to avoid dangerous roads- not to mention we actually know where we are going for the next several days! Your kindness is appreciated more than you know. At Fairfield, we expect to have our first speaking engagement. Then we anticipate getting over to Rio Vista to meet up with the American Discovery Trail will be a little easier logistically. We will share our adventures and stories at the next computer stop, and thank you again to everyone who has been looking out for us- both near and from afar. Until next time, J and R and the ponies – F,A,S,T  :)


  1. Wow, Richard and Wow, Jeannette! On your way yet again! I will be following you all the way, West to East, and praying for every hoof-step. Be safe, be well, and have a wonderful adventure! It could not prove to be a more interesting log; I look forward to keeping up with what is going on during your productive journey. Peace, joy, friendship! Your goal is wonderful, and I know you will continue to find many, many supporters along the way.

  2. This Is A Fantastic to Hear Other’s Whom Have Chosen Another Way to See this Beautiful Country Of Our’s… Please Be Safe In Your Travel’s And Hope to Cross Trail’s On Our Journey’s.
    I Will Be Tracking You On A Daily Basis,Let Me Know If There Is anything I Can Do Logisticly…

    Ride On
    Wayne Hoffman Sr

  3. Greetings Richard & Jeannette,

    This is Dave, the guy who was with Pat and the ladies on top of Sonoma Mountain. I am so impressed with you both and your adventure. Your cause is outstanding! My friends, Karen and Jerry Bowerman from Santa Rosa, are hiking east to west on the ADT as I mentioned . Their website is: http://www.trailjournals.com/karenandjerry. I told them about you and hopefully some day you’ll all meet. Best to you two. Dave

  4. Jeannette and Richard, it was such a pleasure to ride with you yesterday. It was a beautiful day, and Jack London State Park was in all it’s glory!!! After leaving Pat and Sue in Jack London, we headed over to the Sonoma Developmental Center acreage. On our way, we stopped at the Mother Tree, probably the last first growth redwood tree in this area. I hope your pictures of that tree show how huge it is. I forgot to tell you it took 15 people holding arm to arm to get around it! I spoke with Pat, and heard your crossing Hwy 12 was a success. And, I am so glad you got to meet our friend Bill when you stopped at Oak Hill Farms. Here’s to many great adventures!

  5. TWO- 24″x24″ BANNERS IN PROGRESS! Was able to get really BRIGHT ORANGE CANVAS. Will hook up with you as soon as they are complete (maybe next weekend). Amazed at the progress you’ve made!!!

    Gary and Al the winemaker in Novato…the horse drawn carriage guys said to tell you Hello.

    You are ALL in my heart! Terry

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