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Longest mileage day yet- 28 miles

Sometimes maps can be misleading! We can get a pretty accurate idea of mileage when we have detailed close up maps, but we often rely on more large scale maps and locals’ directions. Otherwise we’d be carrying a whole lot of weight in paper. Back when we were riding toward Fort Churchill, the atlas we are using did not show how curvy a road was, so our estimate was half of the actual mileage. This map got it’s last Nevada laugh at us and fooled us one more time! Our estimated 20 mile day turned into 28!

We had a gloriously refreshing morning riding over the mountain range in the back country rather than along the highway since there was water available. Bill met us for a mid morning watering then suggested a short cut across the vast valley to our next stopping point. Thank God for his knowledge, as our original plan would have added yet a few more miles to the day. Richard and I decided to get some exercise in and we walked the entire way across the valley. I’m sure Apache and Satchmo appreciated the break! It was a quiet route too, as we followed a powerline road which went through the middle of nowhere. Well….. that whole valley is pretty much the middle of nowhere- but at least we weren’t on the road!

We rode up through the middle of the Ocsceola gold mine- and came across another rattlesnake. I was very proud of Apache, who was leading, as he heard it and jumped away. He is learning how to be safe in the desert!

There is a lot of rubble around an old mine, so Laura, our host for the evening, helped us find a safe place to highline the horses and put our tent. Then Bob, who lives up at the mine full time, gave us water for the horses as well as cold drinks for us. We enjoyed dinner with Laura and her grandson, then slept soundly through yet another thunderstorm!

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