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Looking for number 5

Satchmo seems to be walking pretty well. Our ride today was pleasant and uneventful. Satchmo is walking with nothing on his back, and Tiska is carrying a very light load.

We stopped to water the horses at a horse training ranch, and they contacted a local horse chiropractor for us to have Satchmo get worked on again. He didn’t answer, but we left with his phone number. They also made some calls and put out feelers for anyone trying to get rid of a horse mouth to feed for the winter. On down the road, we saw a nice looking horse in a pasture and stopped to talk to the owners. They weren’t looking to get rid of any horses, but they knew someone who was, so they took our number and promised they’d make a call for us.

We got decent cell reception at one point, so I made a long overdue call to a friend back home. She gave me updates on all kinds of local news, and we talked for a while about our deceased boss so I could get some answers and closure. It’s still hard for me to believe and makes me very sad. So much changes in a year.

In early evening, we saw a corral by the road and stopped at the nearest house to see if they knew who owned it so we might get permission to stop there. The corral owners didn’t answer their phone, so they invited us to stay in their big back yard. The horses at lots of lush green grass to eat, and we had a quiet place to camp. Ron and his wife were excited to host us as they rarely have visitors. We were getting out some dinner, when they walked across the yard and invited us to have pork chops, salad, fruit, and rolls around a campfire!  Ron also put in some phone calls to his neighbors to see if they were looking to get rid of any horses.

It was a pleasant evening, but we got a little surprise. When we retired to our sleeping bags (which we had opted not to use a tent tonight) they were soaking wet! What???!!!! Well, I guess we are officially out of the desert – they have dew here! It’s been months since we’ve had to worry about that, so we set up our tent in the dark, climbed into our wet sleeping bags and sleeping clothes, and decided our nights of sleeping under the stars are over for the season.


  1. Do you have your fifth horse ? I was in Cortez yesterday and wondered how you were… Oh my goodness…. I didnt know you had bruised up Sachmo so badly … The picture tells the whole story. I looked towards the mountains and see snow up there. Please be careful crossing the Rockies. there isnt alot of help up there. iM GLAD YOUR POSTING BLOGS THE BEST THAT YOU CAN. Using other peoples computers has it advantages and disadvantages. Good luck Lynette

  2. What do you plan to do for the winter? Are going to still keep on traveling, or stop and winter some where? If you stop for the winter. will you be camping?

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