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Making it to the other side

It turns out we had maneuvered through the worst of the trails. Thank God too, as the downpours last night created quite a bit of mud. We had a thoroughly enjoyable day of  non-dangerous trails along creeks, across a river, though golden aspen, with views of the mountains we had just crossed. It was kind of exciting to go “whoa- we just crossed THAT!” It was nice to unwind after our nerve frying day yesterday.

We met our first person in several days- a young man out for a bike ride with his dogs. It was time to start networking to figure out where to stop to rest the horses in the Durango area. We asked him if he had any ideas and he was glad to help. Then later, we met a couple cowboys rounding up their cattle. We asked them if they knew of a fairground, or anyone cool in Hermosa/Durango area who would let us stop and rest the horses a few days. Without hesitating, they gave us the phone number to Ed and PattyZink. Then while making phone calls at a row of mail boxes we were given another contact. We made a number of calls, but the Zinks were very welcoming and encouraged us to come to their place.

They are quite nice and interesting folks. They have several businesses- outfitting for hunting season, a bike shop, and a wetlands project. They ranch has been in the family for several generations, and the workers are treated like family- as were we. The horses also got treated to a green pasture- where they are currently laying flat out and resting. Our gear is drying from all the various forms a precipitation we experienced, and our clothes are freshly washed.

Oh- I almost forgot! The wonderful and talented chiropractors at Cafe of Life in Durango treated Satchmo- to further speed his recovery. They also worked on Fiddle, as she visible had back bones out of alignment. Then…. they offered us an adjustment too! They do excellent work- more than just chiropractic. They also worked on the tension in my head- and I feel more relaxed now than I have in weeks! It was a wonderful treat.

And one more thing- remember Grayson who helped us get over the Sierra’s with his camper and flashers? He’s back! He was so excited to help us get over the Rockies too that he drove his camper to Colorado to take a vacation and is currently enjoying himself and waiting for us to get to the Divide so he can help us over! I can’t believe his generosity and commitment!  The Divide already has a bit of snow, so we will enjoy trails in the lower mountains as long as the weather permits, and aim for the road over the Divide. No sense in trying for trails there and getting ourselves in unnecessary trouble. Grayson to the rescue!

We are planning to go to church tomorrow, enjoy an hour or two in historic downtown Durango- our old stomping ground (we used to work at a guest ranch here right after college), pour over maps, pack up, and hit the trails again on Monday.


  1. Looks like you’re in hay den creek campground. Glad to see you made it over the last real pass safe and sound. For all the delays God has blessed you with a late winter for safe passage over areas that are often closed by now. Love you guys

  2. Hi Richard and Jennifer,
    We were at Mountain View Inn in Westcliffe. Shared breakfast with you with Doug cooking. We really loved hearing your story. Now we have a better idea of what and why you are riding coast to coast. We will tell our families about you and how we met. Also we will give them your web site. We will be following you as you travel and wishing you Godspeed on your journey.

    Dave & Betty

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