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Accidental Poisoning!

Still up on the summit, (all in the same day), we had yet another bizarre experience.

We poisoned ourselves.

Actually, this was the third day in a row! Two days prior, we realized that we would have to come up with a new method to rehydrate our food. Up until now, we would decide the night before what we were having for dinner the next day, then soak it in water while we rode and it would be ready to cook when we stopped. Well, it’s too hot for that now. Two days in a row-  our food fermented, tasted terrible, and didn’t make us feel very good.

But today was different. The only thing we soaked were the beans because we figured not much could hurt them in 24 hours. Everything else had to wait. When the wind storm came up, the wind never really died down after that. We decided we didn’t want to fight the wind with our camping stove, so we would eat our dinner raw. The raw beets were tolerable. The raw, dried, crunchy corn was actually not bad at all. But the beans- oh the beans. We forced ourselves to eat them raw even though they tasted awful. More accurately- I was the cheerleader to get Richard to eat his, and I ate what I could too.

About 15 minutes later, we were both violently ill. We were weak, had explosive diarrhea, and were dry heaving every few minutes. We thought we just couldn’t handle raw beans and our stomachs were being sissies about it. Then we did research on our rest day- we legitimately poisoned ourselves! It turns out that most beans are toxic when eaten raw, and kidney beans are by far the most toxic of all- having caused hospitalization by some who were determined enough eat them raw like us!

You gotta check this link out!          http://davesgarden.com/guides/articles/view/2385/

Forget lack of water being a danger- we are a danger to ourselves! I always knew I wasn’t the best cook, but maybe I better stick to cooking instead of trying anything raw!


  1. Oh my, you have me laughing. I’m glad it’s something we can laugh about and it wasn’t worse! Seriously, you will have to write a book after this…or a book with all the wonderful pictures you’re taking along the way and all the stories about how kind all these people have been. It’s good to hear there are still a lot of kind souls in America. =)

  2. Oh my gosh you guys!!! What a horrible experience! I’m so thankful you’re okay and now resting!! God is surely watching over you!
    We love you! Hang in there!

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