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May I use your Bathroom?

Those were the words that found us the next place to stay! We spent a long morning saying goodbye to our gracious host and her son- Susan and Patrick, as well as the owners of the arena, and Celestia who stopped by. We also spent a bit of time adjusting and fixing gear before we packed up. It ‘s still hard to keep moving right now, especially after yet another pause in our Eastward movement for Thanksgiving. ‘Baby steps’ we tell ourselves….. we will get momentum again.

Our ride that afternoon was calm, quiet, and relatively uneventful. But there were NO bushes to speak of for a poor girl to answer the call of nature. Especially since we were right along highway 50 which was fairly busy. Finally in the afternoon, I got desperate and knocked at the first home I could see someone was home. Marlene was extremely sweet and didn’t hesitate to invite me in- to her bathroom and her home! Since the sun was on its way down, we did accept her offer to stay there the night. She had a pasture, then called her friends down the road who brought hay to supplement the dry grass. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening with Marlene, and she blessed me by sneaking a pair of earring I had admired into my saddle bags before we left in the morning!

Marlene’s friends, Debby and Dennis, who had brought hay- had invited us to stay at their house too. We told them it was unlikely we would since they were only 10 miles down the road, but we had another crazy windy day that was slow going. I rode Tiska to give Apache a break and she really struggled to hold herself together in the wind. She is much more confident as a pack horse. By the time we reached their driveway, we were hesitant to stop at such a short mileage, yet totally ready to be done for the day. We caved in to the desire to get out of the wind and stop where we knew we were invited to stay inside. It was meant to be after all because we had no idea how much of a blessing it would be to stop at their home…..

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