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Meet “Chance”- horse #5

We found him!!! The last couple weeks have been quite stressful with the urgent search for a fifth horse. As you know, Satchmo needs to continue to rest, and we will have an extra horse so that any of them that need a rest can get it without causing further delays. We finally have the ONE.! :)

With a very limited budget for the ride, our horse choices were limited. When we got to Chris’ house, we spent the following day working with her horse. We really liked him and we could just about handle the price, but we just weren’t sure he was the right one. Chris and her family were just wonderful hosts and did not pressure us one bit into buying their horse. They just wanted us to find one that would work for us, so they even drove us around to horse rescue ranches, auction barns, and other horses for sale. We were very grateful for their help in our time of helplessness.

After many, many disappointing phone calls and looking at horses that simply wouldn’t stand up to this kind of a trip, we still had not made any decisions. Then Dave, the man who we talked to on the side of the road yesterday, called us. He had talked to his friend, Jeremiah- the one who road across America from north to south. He had a horse for us- for FREE. He had experienced such kindness on his trip- as have we- and he wanted to give back to another long rider in a bind. So we went to check out this horse.

He was wonderful. Trained to ride quite decently, he is tough and stout, our saddles fit him properly, Apache approved of him, he carried Richard well, and he packed like a champ. In fact, we even tried to scare him with the packs on by brushing up against trees, putting ropes under his tail, and throwing a bucket underneath him. Nothing! He didn’t even blink! He’s just what we need- and he was GIVEN to us! Thank you Chris for all your help. Thank you Dave for all your help too. And especially, thank you Jeremiah for your generosity and giving us another ‘chance’ to be successful at crossing the country on horseback.

We went to the local IFA Country Store who gave us a special discount on a new halter and hobbles for Chance because we are riding for Hearts Up Ranch. We also ‘happened’ to meet the brand inspector there who spent a couple minutes to take care of some change of ownership paperwork. We officially own him as of a couple hours ago (from the writing of this blog) and we can hardly believe we have a fifth horse now! Thank you to everyone who helped us when we were truly stuck and for making this ride possible to continue. Love to all-  Richard and Jeannette and everyone at Hearts Up Ranch



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