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“Mind the Gap!”

Thanks for your patience in the “gap” in blogs. I know, I know…. you want to hear ‘the rest of the story.’ (And yes- I know that’s not how they use the phrase ‘mind the gap’ in England, but it’s one of my favorites ever since I went there!)

So the last few days have been spent with my cousins who drove all the way out from PA to visit us. They were the first family we have seen since the day we started this trip, and the first people we know that we have seen since just before the Sierras! So, in a moment of good prioritizing, family came first on this one. Blogs are on their way- today is a day dedicating to catching up on blogs. So with no further ado, hope you didn’t “mind the gap” too much and we shall be sharing more adventures pronto! :) Cheers!

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