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Missouri Goal!

“When someone asks you how you are, who  says, ‘My heart is broken?’ ” – a donor

Can Missouri DOUBLE what Kansas raised?!!!?

Remember- you don’t have to live in the state to contribute to the goal! If you grew up there, have friends there, or live there and want to get all your friends around the country involved- please ask/Facebook/email them to click the red heart and give a little love towards a hurting heart!

Watch the tally climb on the “Missouri Goal” page of the website!

(Total Raised in Kansas: $6,050)

Also….. we could use your help to improve the success of this Ride Across America Fundraiser! We need two helpers ASAP who are willing to donate a little time each week for the duration of the fundraiser. Please wrack your brain for anyone you know who may have the skills needed to help us!

Urgent Needs:
1) A pro-bono Marketing Specialist or Student for the duration of the fundraising Ride Across America

2) A pro-bono computer guru who can make Hearts Up Ranch and the Ride Across America “viral” and saturate the internet

* * *If you or someone you know can help with these goals- please contact us immediately! Thank you so much!***

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  1. I would like to know your planned route in my state, Missouri. Just learned a little about you today.Your mission sounds good.

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