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Monty Python scene in real life

Some people are really weird and they like the movie “Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail.” I’m not going to name any names (Richard) and a lot of others of you out there with smirks on your face because you like that movie too! Remember the scene where the guy is running up to the castle and he keeps not getting any closer? Well- you didn’t know it- but that scene was about us!

Out here in the vast open nothingness where you can see for miles and miles and miles, guessing distance is just about impossible.

First, we met a wonderful group of cross country bicyclists on our way from the Wah Wah Ranch -where we stayed last night – to Milford. We talked for a while, then they came back with a vehicle and took a few of our buckets, filled them with water, and took them ahead for us so we’d have water. I love cross country travelers- they are so awesome!

After we found our first buckets, we could see the trees in the town of Milford in the distance. We knew this was going to be another long day of 26 miles, but we couldn’t help feeling hopeful for a shorter day since we could see our destination. But then I immediately warned Richard of false hope considering our experience yesterday when we could see the Wah Wah Ranch in the distance.

Imagine the scene: 4 tired horses and 2 tired people, stumbling along in the heat after walking almost half again as many miles as we normally do- suddenly we see the ranch and know we are almost done for the day. I verbally encourage the horses that they are almost there- I tell Apache “just another mile buddy, you can do it.” A half hour passes and the ranch doesn’t look any different. “Just another mile Apache- I swear, we’re almost there.” It’s now 5 in the afternoon- 3 hours later than we’ve been finishing. “Come on guys- we’re getting close- keep walking- you’re almost there.” This continued- for 2 more hours! What had looked like 1 mile was really about 8! It was the weirdest feeling of de javu every time I looked ahead and the ranch looked the same!

So we didn’t fool ourselves into thinking that walking into Milford would be any different. It was the same feeling, but we knew we still had many miles to go. We arrived, stumbling and fully spent, into Milford at 6:30 in the evening. We had gone 100 miles in 4 days when it normally takes us 6! So much for making it to Beaver to rest- we’re resting here!

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