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Moonshine in the Ozarks!

Well, we didn’t exactly make it 10 days in a row as planned, but we sure could have. The horses and Bella still have plenty of energy and pep- especially since Apache is bucking! Between the one rain day and me getting sick after the 9th riding day, we didn’t quite do 10 in a row- but it was still a much more efficient ‘week’ of riding than we’ve been getting in through the winter. We still can’t believe that in just one push, we got half way through a state! Granted, the state is smaller than the rest we’ve been through and the weather is much better, but it feels good to make so much progress in between rest stops. Our next riding week goal is once again to aim for 10 days in a row of 15 mile days. That should put us just a day or two from Cape Girardeau and our Mississippi crossing!

We are spending our ‘rest’ stop at the Blackburns directly south of Licking. Trimming horse feet, business phone calls, taking care of affairs at home, and of course- blogging- are on the agenda for this stop.

The Blackburns are a very down-to-earth, relaxed and hospitable, ranching family. They welcomed us with open arms, set out a round bale for the horses, and invited us in for dinner in the home they built themselves. It wasn’t a log home, but it had the feel of one inside. Bobby and Susie had collected several different kinds of wood which they had made into boards and they uniquely and tastefully built their house with several different colors and types of wood. While there, we got to have another fish fry with the Blackburns, and this time it was a huge gathering of their friends- all interested in meeting the crazy people riding across country!

Their son, Montana, had something very unique to share with us- his science project. He and his grandfather had attempted to make ethyl so he could run a lawn mower off it in his science fair. Instead, what they succeeded at making was the less pure version- moonshine! So in good fun, we decided to try a little taste. After all, how can two travelers ride through the Ozarks and say they’ve seen it without trying moonshine?! I only dared to put a thimble size swallow in my mouth- and it was like gagging fire! But it was worth a good laugh anyhow! :)


  1. How funny, and I was expecting a story about riding through that fabulous full moon we had a while back!

  2. IT was very nice meeting u guys, was kind of odd when we seen you two coming. Especially in Jewett. We wish u two a very safe and prosperous trip and may god watch over you.I think he has done a pretty good job so far . God Bless You Richard and Jeanette

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