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My brother’s wedding

It truly is a small world. We have known since we left Wyoming that my brother would be getting married during this year that we are riding across the country. We tried to convince him to wait, but, well, that idea didn’t go over so well! :) Initially we were not terribly confident we would be able to make it, as we would have to fly to Connecticut- not to mention find a safe place to keep our horses and gear while we are gone, and find a ride to the airport! This seemed utterly impossible at the time. But as the ride progressed, we humbly learned how being self reliant was a bit of an illusion and that we truly do depend on the kindness and generosity of strangers to safely and successfully continue every day of this ride. We became more hopeful that everything would fall in place if we were meant to go to the wedding. In faith, we used the last of our saved-up miles and got plane tickets out of Reno (which was our best guess as to the closest airport we would be near.) As it turns out, friends of ours who we met and stayed with at least a month ago in California, have a friend in this area of Nevada. They contacted her and she was able to find a safe pasture for our horses, and a very nice family for us to stay with and keep our belongings at until after the wedding. The world truly is still made up of mostly good people. The logistics for this were daunting at first, but now we have learned to have faith that God will provide for our needs by the wonderful people we meet along the way. What a lesson to learn. To my big brother, Shawn, – this one’s for you! :) See ya soon!


  1. It was a pleasure to meet you at the water aerobics class at Walley’s! I was there with my son, Kyle and my niece, Lauren. We will work on letting people know about your ride and the Hearts Up Ranch. We want you to Know that we will be praying for your safe, completed journey and for your ministry.

  2. Hey you two! Congrats on hitting the state line. We are tracking your progess on a
    hard copy map so Grandma can see your progress. Stay safe! When is the wedding?
    Love to you.



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