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Need Help ASAP….

2 pm- Saturday, May 21st.

Well folks, we are terribly sorry to inform you that for now, we must stop riding. We are not quiting riding across America just yet, but we urgently need to rest our horses in order to continue. Fiddle is lame and has a puncture wound, Tiska, Fiddle, and Chance all have sore withers, Tiska has a sore back, and Apache and Satchmo both have saddle sores. Satchmo’s is very bad and we tried to do something to relieve the pressure on the sores and made everything 10 times worse. It is awful and as of yesterday, neither Satchmo or Apache can even have saddles on them. We are devastated that instead of helping them, we made it so much worse. They were healing nicely… and now… we can’t ride them. We have been in tears that this may be the end…. but we still have some hope.

PLEASE- if anyone knows anyone in the Elizabethtown/Lexington area of Kentucky- or anywhere in the vicinity- who has a heart for hospitality and an available pasture or corral (not stalls), please contact us asap. 951-675-7734 Our only hope for continuing this journey is if we can rest the horses (and ourselves) until they are healed. This may take a few weeks. We are willing to get trailered wherever so we can rest and heal. We’ll just pick up where we left off when the horses are ready. We have come 3,100 miles and only have about 700 left. It seems a shame to give up now, but we are not willing to do it at the expense of hurting our horses. So please, if you know anyone who could help, please call right away. If not, please pray that God will help us find the perfect resting spot. Thank you for all your prayers and support. – Richard and Jeannette and the four legged crew


  1. I am praying so hard for you all. God is good and won’t let you stop this good work. He has blessed you so many times in the past. Rest and take care of all of you. Do what you need to finish but don’t give up hope.

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