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New land speed record- 4 1/2 miles per hour!

I am just tickled pink with how well Apache is doing! Today was a record- we covered 18 miles in 5 hours (and this included a couple short stops for water and putting on Easy Boots for a stretch of road with sharp trap rock)! His average pace was 4 1/2 miles per hour. We couldn’t believe it! I feel like I finally have my horse back. Thank God the Lyme Disease meds really seem to have worked. :) Taking the saddle bags off his back also helped- he was not sore today.

We followed highway 50 for half the day, passing through the town of Dayton where gold was first discovered in Nevada, then the second half of the day on Fort Churchill Rd. This road was quiet, dirt, remote, and more beautiful than we expected. There were beautiful views of mountains, pasture, rock outcroppings, and it was just peaceful and quiet. Thoroughly enjoyable. Our camp was along the Carson River again, and today was the first day that Ted and Trevor from the American Discovery Trail organization supported us by supplying  feed for the horses. They found a rancher down the road with a broken one ton bale that he shared with us.  This was the most beautiful campsite we have been at in a long time, and we were advised to enjoy it as we would be leaving the river soon! The horses are enjoying the sand, as they love to take a good roll in it after we take the saddles off. They are all doing wonderfully well considering their one month break.

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