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New Pictures on Website!!!!!

Nearly 100 pictures are ready for your enjoyment! They are labeled, in order, and ready for the slide show! You can find them on pages 2-6 on the gallery.  Have fun.    :)


  1. WOW! you went a long way up there in the Delta today. Amazing countryside up there on those levees. Hope you found a place out of the rain for the night.
    Synchronistically, Demi was in the car in front of me when we went to take one of the ferrys. I gave her the 2nd banner , carrots, and lambs wool hides with good scissors.
    She will get them to you she said.

    Also left some great info on another lady who was walking the Discovery Trail last year with her horse Winnie, a rescued Mustang from NV round ups.
    On site in the blogs somewhere I saw a little “donut shaped puff pillow thing” a Vet put on Winnie when she got a pack sore. Looked like an idea if lambs wool hide doesn’t do it. You will enjoy reading about them. It is written from the point of view of Winnie talking. Winnie tells how it was when she was a wild mustang and how the helicopters came to get her, the processing and adoption process. Very clever and heart warming that she has a “Mother” that really gets her. She wore a bright red flag on her tail when walking the highways. Good idea for Fiddle if he is ponying last.
    Also loved how she did her Thank you list. Many joined in supporting them too.
    See website http://www.walkingwithwinnie. com
    Hearts Up….towards Delaware and raising $2 million.
    Will be following you. Love all the photos!!!

  2. All the best to you and your mule! So sorry you are dealing with this awful weather. May God send you many angels, as he did me when I was walking last year.

  3. Hey you two!!!!
    So where is your next projected rest area? And have you decided a route over the Sierra’s yet? I have one of my friends who volunteers with me at Access-Adventure who is offering some assistance and a fe route ideas let me know if you are interested.
    I had such a good visit, I cant wait to see you both and all your ponies again.
    Love Ab

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