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New time zone!

Last night, the horses spent the night at Syracuse, KS sale barn with tons of beef cows around them. We had dinner with Gary and LeeAnna after they got off work, then we were taken over to our hosts where we would stay that night and the next- only we’d ride the horses to their house today. It was a slow process getting out of the feedyard. It was our first day packing up in the snow since the day we camped at 11,500 feet- and it definitely does make it harder. Our fingers and toes were cold, our gear was getting muddy, and our saddles were soaking wet from the snow.

Here we are, dragging our feet, feeling homesick, getting tired of being on the road, having a hard time keeping going….. and the milestones start coming to give us a feeling of accomplishment and momentum again! We actually feel like we are getting somewhere now! Yesterday we crossed into Kansas! Today we crossed into a new time zone! Tomorrow- you’ll see!

We are now on central time. We thought it was going to make it even harder with the sunlight so short- but we had it backwards in our minds- it actually helped! We now have less sunlight in the morning- when we tend to be visiting with our hosts over breakfast, and more sunlight in the afternoon when we are trying to find a place to stop! It’s awesome timing being that the shortest day of the year was about to come up.

We also had a very sweet surprise today. Kelly from Holly, CO and her mom stopped by while we were riding and brought us hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and a few Christmas cards for us to fill out and they would send them for us. We thought that was incredibly thoughtful and nice. It’s hard to feel in the Christmas spirit when all you’re doing that’s Christmasy is being cold! Well, we are wearing Santa hats, but no shopping, no music, no wrapping, no tree. I guess it’s a good time for us to contemplate the real reason for Christmas. We hope our Christmas hosts are really fun and festive so we have a simple but memorable holiday. So this act of kindness by Kelly and her mom was very uplifting and a real joy for us right before Christmas. :)

While I’m on the subject, I’d like to recognize another act of kindness going on behind the scenes. Since this blog will post after Christmas, it won’t ruin the surprise. I wanted to thank then months ago, but Rueben and Sissie from Austin, NV let us pick out gifts for all of our family members from an amazing collection of antiques they have. Sissie spent months personalizing each of them and sent them out to our families so they would have something special from us for Christmas. That was another very touching and thoughtful gift of kindness that really mattered. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Kelly and her mom, and Sissie and Rueben for these kindnesses that really show the heart of the Christmas season.


  1. Hey guy’s, I saw you going by our place east of Garden City, KS yesterday morning. Knew you were headed somewhere, but didn’t realize who you were until Angie L made a post on FB. I pray God’s blessing on your endeavors, and that he travels with you to your destination.

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