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New Years Eve Weekend in Dodge City

Nancy and Jim fed us a warm meal, ushered us into our warm room, and made a warm fire for us! We spent a few hour visiting with them and getting to know them a bit. They were planning on heading to bed early, so we went to a small party we had been invited to by a cowboy church pastor who stopped to meet us along the road while we were riding. We spent the late evening playing games, visiting, eating, and having a relaxing time.

Saturday we spent visiting our hosts…. after I woke up (at um… noon…) This weekend, Jim and Nancy showed us around their beloved Dodge City. A former town Mayor, a historian, and former manager of Boot Hill- we had the perfect tour guide! He showed us the statue of Wyatt Earp, the longhorn bull, their car race track, and then¬† we spent an afternoon at Boot Hill. It was a recreation of Dodge City’s original main street at the site of the original cemetery for all the ruffians who were shot for some reason or another during the rough and rowdy time of the town’s history. We learned about the famous cowboys that were regulars in Dodge, about the cattle drives coming up from Texas to bring the cows to the railroad for top pay, and the original fort still in use today as a veterans home.

Well folks- we finally made it to Dodge City- the infamous old west town where legends were made and the reputation of the wild west was truly earned! From here…. well- we’re ‘getting the heck outa Dodge’ and going East! :)

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  1. I would have loved to have been with you at this stop! I enjoy history, was born in KS. Sounds like your hosts were great. So glad so many are getting the opportunity to be with you two and love you too!

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