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News Flash! – NATIONAL TV!

If you have cable TV or internet – DON’T MISS THIS!

We were seen riding our horses down Highway 50 – “The lonliest road in America”- by a news crew who were gathering footage for a special program about the attractions on this route. We will be seen (probably in small amounts but none-the-less….) on national television!

Check it out!

Tuesday July 13th
6 pm Pacific time
7 pm Mountin
8 pm Central
9 pm Eastern
Then 3 hours later again on all times

The majority of the program will be a serious piece on Afganistan, then the part about Highway 50 where we will be included will finish the program.

If you miss it on TV, you can see it online at hd.net/worldreport. Click the Itunes store and wait for the recent episodes to come up, then scroll to the bottom, and for $1.99 you can watch it on your computer.

If anyone is able to record it on DVD somehow, we would be grateful!

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