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No words to Describe….

After our host, Demi, generously gave up her afternoon to drive us to Best Buy to get a new camera, we spent some time with the family that night. Kerrison is really enjoying the horses, and Richard and Malcolm are having fun talking about toy guns. That evening, they ‘twisted our arm’ to walk the horses down the road one mile to their quiet cabin on the river. We had the serene cottage that was once a house boat, the yard, and the deck overlooking the river all to ourselves- with no neighbors. The yard was formed in such a way that we were able to create a few barriers and let the horses free to graze in it. We decided that would work- after all- we ARE on an island! In the morning, we woke up and ate a breakfast of all natural yogurt and ripe fruits that Demi brought to stuff us with. Did I mention that we did that from the chairs on the deck overlooking the river while the sun came over the levee? Unreal…. Had you asked me if people would have been so generous and kind to us before we left Wyoming, I would have laughed. God is good, and so are the people He puts in our path. I also never expected to be riding on an island!

The day only got better from there. Abby, our friend from college who met up with us again a couple weeks ago, came to visit again. This time, she brought Lili, the other friend who was in the accident that paralyzed Abby. This was the first time the 4 of us had been together for 9 years- since the accident happened. It was so special to have this serene environment to visit in – just the four of us alone to catch up, laugh, share, and talk about the accident with empathy that only a survivor in the same event can understand. We have all waited a long time for this day. To say the least, it is a lot to process- but we can’t be happier. What was initially going to be a short visit due to time restraints turned into a very late night involving phone calls to cancel appointments. We are so blessed to have Abby and Lili back in our lives.

We will soon be heading out- riding on the levees along the river- towards Sacramento. We get to take another ferry ride to get off the island! I’m not excited or anything….! :) FYI – we have loaded pictures onto our gallery of all the highlights from the beginning of the ride to recent. Please bear with us as we and our new website designer figure out how to work the program. The pictures are out of order and we have not had success getting them in order- but at least they are available to view. Enjoy the memories! :)

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