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Making Shade

Today was full of more cracked white dirt. It was like walking on the moon- only our feet felt much heavier. Tiska carried the orange water buckets out of the last camp to give to Ted and Trevor at the next appointed meeting place. She wasn’t too keen on having “jet engines”- she was jumpy about them all day. Fiddle gets that chore next time!

We were directed to the next camping spot in a cow pasture area of BLM land where there was a large ditch and a couple of lone trees. We broke some dead branches to make room so the horses could have some shade, then set to work creating shade for our tent. Mind you, these are not happy trees with lots of leaves- they are mainly sticks that can suffice as something to hang a tarp in!

We are pleased with our mileage. We seem to be able to handle 15 mile days consistently even though the horses were stopped for so long. Apache had his saddle bags back on today and it is the first time in a very long time that he did not flinch when brushed at the end of the day’s ride. It is also quite nice stopping so early. It gives us plenty of time to set up camp, do our chores, eat without rushing, journal, and try to get to sleep early. It takes about three times as long to set up camp while we are so hot that we are trying not to pass out- so it is good to start early and stop early!

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  1. We checked your map location today. It is interesting that you travel so near Rt. 50. It also goes right through our town in WV. Hope to see you then! Safe travel!

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