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On the news! – ABC!!!!!

First TV appearance! – Our new dear friend at Morning Star Stables stumbled upon a news crew, told them that Richard has footage of his fall, and they came and interviewed us! It was quite a nice interview and rather long on the 6:00 news on March 16th! Horray! Hearts Up Ranch is now receiving some serious exposure. Please check it out on ABC7news.com- you can see the news story and they even have a link to our website!

Just a quick update- Tiska is doing well. She is sound at a walk now but still has some recuperating to do. Same with Richard. We are most grateful for the chiropractic adjustment that was given to both him and Tiska, as well as the vet visit, all the carrots, and the many, many folks who have supported us. We just can’t say enough thanks to the Kruger Family who took us in for a whole week. They are truly not-so-common ‘everyday heros.’ We know they will be lifelong friends and forever hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you all – and hugs too!

This has been an amazing journey already. Two long lost friends contacted us after hearing about us through media. One we had lost touch with 9 years ago and it was beyond describing how wonderful it was to see her! This morning, we are heading out towards Pataluma and will take it slow until everyone is all healed. Hopefully our next leg of the journey will be exciting in more normal ways! :) – J and R


  1. Loved tracking you on your fantastic GPS today as I was wondering how you would cross the ridge.
    Still fills me with so much JOY telling everyone about you. Lots of horse people on San Antonio Rd.

    Thought of your “fall”when I read this: Strength for the Journey!
    “Don’t worry that you’re not strong enough before you begin. It is in the journey that God makes you strong.” Amen.

    Praying you are all well and cozy under the blanket of stars tonight. May the rest of the journey be easier! Isaiah 58:1 The Lord shall guide thee continually and satisfy thy soul…and carrots for the horses!

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