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On the Road Again!

We are now back in Nevada after a whirlwind trip to Connecticut for my brother’s wedding. Everything went smoothly, thanks to the generous help of Judy-our chauffeur, Caralee- our host,and Renee- our horse caretaker! We had a short and busy but fun visit with my family, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends. I can hardly believe it- my big brother is married now! We are very happy for him and his new wife and are very thankful that we were able to join them for the celebration.

Tomorrow, we plan to hit the road again. The horses have had yet another long rest, and I’m sure they will be plenty spunky in the morning! We look forward to finding the American Discovery Trail again. It will probably take us around 3 days to get there, then we start heading due East. The desert is ahead, but it looks like we ride along water for a ways, and there is still lots of green grass between the sagebrush- thanks to all the rain we have ridden through (and looks like we’ll be riding though again this week!)

Please continue your prayers for Apache- we have yet to determine the exact cause of his back pain. We have been able to manage it, but we need to eliminate it so he can comfortably continue this journey.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support. It meant alot to me that I was able to go to my brother’s wedding and it would not have happened without the generous support of complete strangers- who are now friends! What a journey this has been! We look forward to sharing many more stories as we head out into the unknown of Nevada! Sincerely- Jeannette and Richard

PS- I figured out how to add photos to our blog- so that might make things more interesting. However- continue to check our gallery for added pictures!

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