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One day at a time

Clint dropped us at the fairgrounds this morning so we could ride Apache, Fiddle, and Tiska to Clint’s house. No trailer rides for them- we are RIDING across the country! :) But Tiska got a free day since she didn’t have to carry a thing! I think she was pretty happy about that. On our way, we stopped at the bank to pick up our fax and got an interview from the local paper. It was kind of amusing doing errands on horseback.

When we got back to the Medley’s house, the real work began. We put our nose to the grindstone- on their computer- and worked like crazy to get that IRS paperwork done. It took us until after midnight, but we ‘got er done.’ Ya know, God’s timing is truly amazing. Had Satchmo not had a horribly swollen wither, had Clint not taken us to get our mail the day he did, had I not opened that envelope right away, had we not had a computer to work on, had the IRS not granted us an extension…….. well….. let’s just say it would  have been VERY BAD. Everything happens for a reason- but it may take days weeks or years for us to know why.

Anyhow, Satchmo had a cute and excited reunion with his buddies, and we are preparing to continue down the road tomorrow- thanks to Clint. He has offered to drive our gear ahead if we take our bare essentials for a couple days, so that we could keep inching towards the moutains while the details of another horse get worked out.

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