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OH MY GOSH DO I HURT! Ok, I had respect for the jockeys after getting off the horse and being so shaky. But the next day….. I could have skipped it. I don’t know if anyone reads these blogs who remembers the time Richard and I went water skiing in Pennsylvania with a church group….. I skiid non stop all day….. had a ton of fun…..and I literally could not move the next day. I crawled to the couch. I couldn’t bend over, squat, anything. I have never hurt so bad in my life. And today- it was almost that bad! My thighs screamed, by back burned, my arms ached. Not only that, but my calves were rubbed raw and swollen and I had bruises up and down my legs from saddle rubs from standing!It took me long moments to pick anything up off the floor. Richard did an awful lot of the packing this morning. Then he helped me on my horse. The first words out of my mouth:


Oh what misery to ride after the pain you are in was caused from riding! But I promised Richard I wouldn’t complain. I would “embrace the pain!” At least that’s what I kept telling myself! Richard made a joke out of it. “Are you complaining?”  “Nope- just stating facts!” He jokingly threatened me with “I’ll touch you!” I’d whither away at the thought. Then he did poke me in the leg once while we were riding and I about died with agony! We both thought that was pretty funny. So jockeys- my hat’s off to you guys! I am humbled! But I am totally willing to come back for more!


  1. Just checking on you guys. From your blogs, looks like you’ve been taken care of in thie cold.
    So glad you have lots of clothes for layering. Since you are past Wichita, you are doing good.
    Onward to Fort Scott; over half-way through KS. Hope the weather gets better for you, but it sounds as if you are keeping your spirits up and remembering to keep your sense of humor.
    Thinking of you, Nancy and Jim from Dodge City.

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