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Options and Possibilities

Once again, we spent the morning on the phone- networking, calling horse contacts, truck driver friends, and anyone we could think of who might have ideas. Remember Ole Lindgren? I called him and he has a few horses in his herd to sell, loan, and one to give. The problem? How to get it here. A free horse still costs alot of gas money when it is far away! Our truck driver friend is working on possible options for that one.

Then we got one more mile down the road and met a really nice man in a pickup truck with a really friendly dog. He was friends with a guy who road horses from Alaska to Mexico a few years ago. We ended up on the phone once again- and he might have a horse for us too. We talked to Dave for at least an hour and enjoyed every minute of it. We finally continued on down the road- knowing that we at least had to get to Chris’s house today to meet up with our stuff that Clint had- since our one pair of clothes we had with us were starting to get a little ripe!

On the way, we stopped at the Forest Service Station to meet Celia, the gal who had collected all our boxes that were sent before. She wasn’t there when we picked them up, so it was nice to ride by and meet her. She helped us water the horses out of the faucet in their conference room (the buckets went in- the horses stayed out!) and then introduced us to a gentleman who knew the trails well. He gave us great suggestions, trail conditions, and confidence in the weather. Apparently, the Farmers’ Almanac claims that October will also be dryer and warmer than normal in Colorado. He is confident we will be ok for a few more weeks in the mountains.

When we were almost to Chris’s house, a girl on a four wheeler saw our hot pink sign on the back of Fiddle “need horse” and came to tell us that there is a horse rescue place just down the road, and a horse sale in town on Wednesday. Apparently, our options are many and we just have to wait and see how it will all work out. It is encouraging to see Satchmo doing better, but his withers won’t be able to have a saddle on them for a few more weeks. We are still stuck until we come up with another plan……

Chris invited us into their home with welcome arms- whether we buy her horse or not. Tomorrow’s plan….. work with their horse and see if he is even in the running……

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