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Our 8th Wedding Anniversary!

Today, August 24th, is our 8th anniversary! I am writing this ahead and have no idea where we will be or how we will be able to celebrate, but we will let you know later on. It may be dehydrated food and watching the stars, but no matter what, this will be a memorable anniversary!

True Love endures all adventures- good and bad!We are grateful for your prayers for our marriage. This trip can be trying at times on our relationship as we are with each other 24/7 literally and can not ignore or avoid any trouble areas in our marriage. However, it has also enriched and strengthened our relationship beyond words.

To God alone be the glory for our eight years of marriage, as He is the glue that sticks it together when times get tough. And thank you to everyone who has had their part in supporting us through the tough times, as well as those who have been a source of joy in our lives. This Ride Across America has certainly been a life changing experience in our marriage and in our lives!

Happy Anniversary to Us! :)


  1. A relationship that just gets better and better, stronger and more enriched! So very happy for you; big hugs!

    Congratulations on finding one another, staying the course through the bad days, and seeing how wondrous life can also be, together. May God forever bless you!

  2. Congradulations!!!!!! Jim and I have always said that God is the glue that sticks our marriage together. It’s interesting to see someone else put it that way. 8 years and still going–marriage and across the country.

  3. Congratuations on 8 years! May this adventure strengthen your love for each other even more than you knew possible!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I am praising God with you, with tears in my eyes, for the blessing of a God-honoring marriage! I wish you all the best as the Lord continues to grow and bless your marriage, your cross-country ride, your dreams for Hearts Up Ranch, and your faith in Him.
    Love always,
    Judy :)

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