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Our Anniversary Day

Ok- not to confuse you- I did already mention our anniversary on a previous blog on our actual anniversary day. But since our stories are written after the occasion and are a little behind- here’s how our day went…..

Kristen, our sweet hostess who wanted to make sure we’d enjoy what Boulder area had to offer, convinced us to take their truck again and go explore for our anniversary. So we drove down to Calf Creek and took a six mile round trip hike to the apparently famous Lower Calf Creek Falls. It was beautiful and wound through rock cliffs and formations and past a creek and Indian pictographs. I wasn’t feeling terribly well, but when we finally got to the falls, a dip in the chilly water refreshed me. Richard had fun precariously tip -toing his way up the rocks next to the falls, then sliding down the mossy slime on the rocks into the water. On our way back, we walked a long ways barefoot where it was sandy, and it felt surprisingly exhilarating. I think it was good to be out of the same two pair of shoes we’ve been wearing for 6 months.

Our anniversary dinner was quite special and memorable. One of my most recent trail cravings was for quality restaurant food. I guess I got more spoiled living near all the 5 star restaurants in Jackson Hole than I realized. Boulder of all places, the town we didn’t know was a town, contained within it’s couple buildings a well awarded restaurant- an unexpected gem in southern Utah- “Hell’s Backbone Grill.” Its menu boasted organic and natural ingredients- most of them harvested out of their garden or from local farmers. I knew we were in a great place when we were seated out on the patio and were promptly welcomed by a friendly kitty. It turned out she had champagne taste buds and was a master at getting tasty morsels of high quality food from all the restaurant patrons seated outside! Then, before we even ordered our dinner, a hummingbird ran into the window and fell to the deck. We thought it was dead and I picked it up to see. It was actually just dazed and sat wobbling in my hand for quite some time before it flew over to some nearby branches where it rested a while longer before disappearing. I’d never touched a hummingbird before! It was so light I almost couldn’t feel it. The food was indeed delicious and we left feeling full, satisfied, and a little indulged. It turned out to be a much more memorable anniversary out in the middle of nowhere than we expected!


  1. I am still following your wondeful blogs everyday. I continue to pray that this adventure will raise the funds and awareness needed to start the ranch. I too held a hummingbird once, it was exhausted from trying to get out the screen window of a tent. It was such a miraculous creature. It truly reminds one that there is indeed a God!

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