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Our Goodbye Party

Since our camera was broken for a good portion of our stop, I wasn’t able to share many pictures. But here’s some cherished ones of our new BFFFFFs :)  (Best friends forever forever…..) With them being such a huge part of our lives in the last 2 months, you need to meet them here. Most of these pics came from our Goodbye Party we had the night before we started riding. Below is the whole Basham family and close friends who we spent most of our time with. Remember to hold the mouse over the picture to read the captions. :)

On left is Talli’s parents, Dave and Joyce, Joyce is holding Ben- Bella’s new friend – Ronnie and Talli’s dog, next is Shannon and Aaron – our new friend – friends of Talli and Ronnie’s, then Linda and Kenny – Ronnie’s parents, Ariel – their neice, Ronnie and Talli in the center, Richard and Jeannette, Stephanie and Rick – Ronnie’s sister and brother in law and parents of Ariel, and Luke in the back – bow fishing enthusiast and friend of the family.

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