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Our Health!

Please keep Richard and I in your prayers, as well as Apache. Despite our ‘time off’ from riding and access to internet, you have not heard a peep from us because we have been sick on the couch for nearly a week now. Our host family, the May’s, have been extremely gracious and patient. They are taking good care of us. Unfortunately, they were sick when we got here and now Richard and I have the bug. We don’t feel that terrible, but the bug is giving us terrible dizziness that makes life come to a grinding stop. The dizziness is causing nausea, headaches, and an inability to read or carry on much of a conversation. Thus, we have seen just about every movie that the May’s and their neighbors own, as it is about all we can do. I am mustering up the energy and clear vision to write this to keep everyone informed. Thanks for your prayers, encouragement, and for keeping tabs on us. I plan to share some reflections on our ride, what we have learned, and our journey across California, but that will have to wait until we are feeling better. Thanks again- J and R


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