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Our private mountain meadow

It took us two days to ride over the mountains from Beaver to Circleville. But they were probably the most enjoyable scenery of the whole trip so far. 

We rode the first day on quite a bit of dirt road, but when we got to the trailhead- we were wowed! There was more water, green grass, trees, aspen, deer, etc. It was a real trail- not a dirt road! We enjoyed every minute of it- though the horses may not agree as it was up, up, up. We camped in a grassy meadow where we hobbled the horses and let them eat to their hearts content until dark. It almost felt like we were in a dream land – just floating around slowly and enjoying the view. I can’t even describe how nice it is to switch scenery and get out of sagebrush and into mountains- which we love. We watched the deer come into the meadow, then stared at the most amazing stars you can imagine. They were brilliant with the milky way almost close enough you could touch it. Stars went down to every part of the horizon and filled every speck of the sky, shooting stars happened several times, and we could even see tiny dots of satellites going across the sky.

The downside? It was COLD in the morning! We decided we hadn’t hobbled the horses in so long that we didn’t want to do it in the dark, so we went back to sleep. We didn’t worm our way out of the tent for 3 more hours until the sun came up and warmed us a bit! Needless to say, that morning’s ride got started pretty late, but we thoroughly enjoyed our little meadow.


  1. Here’s to many more wondrous, beautiful experiences such as this! Love the photos you’ve been interspersing with the text each day; as expressive as your writing, I love seeing the sites through your eyes and the camera, too!

  2. Good Afternoon!!
    Well I am so glad the scenery is only getting better as your trip goes along, still I was hoping the further you got away from CA the scenery would look sad so it would reflect all of us seeing you guys go………..Really I am glad all is going well, I miss you guys!!!!! ANd love that your trip is truly reflecting what beautiful and amazing people (and horses 😉 ….) that you are. Know we are thinking of you and miss you lots and will be visiting you when you are back in WY.
    Love, AB

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