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Out like a Lion! (2010 that is)

It was downright chill-you-to-the-bone frigid today. We woke up with 3 inches of snow on the ground- thankfully none falling- and a real stiff wind. We were so thankful to have a barn to bring the horses into so we could pack them without freezing our fingers off. It literally took us almost a half hour to get dressed with all our layers. I counted 26 articles of clothing on my body by the time I was ready! You BET I used hand and toe warmers today! It was single digit temperatures with well below zero wind chill! Yikes!

Richard had to help me get on my horse- I’m not sure how he got on his. I don’t think he had quite as many layers as me since he’s a furnace. He said I looked twice as big as I am! Surprisingly, we stayed pretty toasty for the most part- thanks to the warmers keeping the feeling in  my extremities.

We were determined to get to Dodge City today so we could stop for New Years Eve. We stopped only for a short site-seeing opportunity where the Santa Fe Tracks were actually visible. I was expecting wagon wheel tracks, but it was so well used that there were actually deep and wide dips in the ground where many wagons had worn away some of the ground in a wide area. We didn’t stay long though, because it was up on a hill where the wind was worse. We were actually warmer riding our horses than site seeing!

It seemed to get colder. The afternoon was getting later. I ended up with two face masks on, my sunglasses fogging over, and I gave up trying to see out of them and looked out a nose hole on one of the face masks! Absolutely no skin showing was even remotely tolerable. It was seriously cold!

Our New Years Eve hosts, Jim and Nancy, came and found us. Jim brought us granola bars- something we have found we can eat easily without taking our gloves off when it’s really cold. They guided to where the horses were going to stay at the local college. Ironically- this time the horses were to actually stay IN the barn! We got there just in time as my warmers had quite working.

Man – was Fiddle unhappy with her stall! It took me a few minutes to convince her to go in it, then she promptly started pawing at the wall! Satchmo was almost shaking he was so nervous! Theses horses are tough mountain pasture horses- they’ve never lived in a stall! We figure it’s good for them to get used to it here and there because the further east we get, the more likely that will be their only option. At least they won’t be cold tonight in the single digit temperatures while we enjoy a little New Years cheer!

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