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Packing Patty in our saddle bags!

We said goodbye over a tasty homemade dinner to our two week hosts- the Humphreys. I had found a four leaf and a five leaf clover in their yard and made a bookmark out of them to give to Liam the night we left. He was so happy that I had written Chance’s name on it. :) David and Liam took us over to the Secretariat Center that night so we could camp there, so they could have their car back, and so Liam could give Chance one last hug. It was really quite adorable and I think Chance loved it too. He’s going to make a great kids horse someday.

In the morning our new friends Cory, Maureen, and Patty all came by to say farewell and give us a few more needed supplies. We also said our goodbyes to all the great people we met at the Secretariat Center. At that point, we weren’t sure where we were stopping for the night. But after looking at the map with Patty, we discovered that she lived right on our route at the perfect distance! We couldn’t believe it! It was like we were long lost friends after having only met two weeks ago, and we were actually going to get to spend the night at her house! How absolutely perfect! :)

The horses weren’t fully loaded down, as Patty took some of the extra weight for us to pick up at her house. She also generously donated her synthetic western saddle – surprisingly light, comfortable, and well fitting on Apache- to try out for a few days and see if both Apache and I would like it. He must have been thrilled that I suddenly lost about 50 pounds! Anything we can do to make his back more comfortable.

At one point early in the day Satchmo had a fit about something, and we thought it was because we tried riding him without his saddle pad with a hole in it over his sore scar. So Patty drove over to find us on the road and we switched out saddle pads again (she had taken our extras for the day just to reduce our weight). It turned out later that we discovered a brand new puncture wound on Satchmo right where he had been biting at his side. We have no idea what caused it or how, but it seems to be the source of his earlier fit. His sore spot seems to have about completely  healed because he has been fine since without the pad with the hole in it. But at least we got to meet Patty’s friend, John, when she brought out the pad. He works as an outrider at the Keeneland racetrack. We had a great visit there on the busy corner of Ironworks and Russel Cave Rd!

It was to be our last full day of riding along the famous fencelines of the Lexington area. We passed many more beautiful horse farms and stone walls on our way to Patty’s house. We met her neighbor across the street who then directed us on a short cut through his yard to the back side of the barn we were to keep the horses in. The barn owner, Julie, met us there and proceeded to offer all kinds of networking help in addition to hosting the horses for the night. Before the hour was over, we had supper and breakfast donated by the local Windy Corner Restaurant and lunch the next day by Chelupas!

We spent our evening chatting for hours with Patty who we decided we are going to fold up and stick in our saddle bags. :) She has become a fast friend, and besides, she does great work on our horses!

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