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Today was our last full day on the West side of the Continental Divide. It couldn’t have been better. The trail was lovely and actually well maintained. There were some challenging parts, but a walk in the park compared to the last couple mountain ranges we crossed. We got lost once, but realized our mistake quickly and found our way back to the right trail. (When you go East all the time, your internal compass knows when you are going West and senses that it is all wrong!) We chose a camping spot up in a huge wilderness meadow and set up our camp to the sound of elk bugling.

Normally my journal entries are the ramblings of a tired person before falling asleep. They probably won’t make sense to anyone else- believe me- the blogs are far more interesting. But as for the scenery today, I think a verbatim excerpt from my actual journal says it best.

“Mountain trails all day on Pine River Trail. Oh My Gosh Gorgeous. All day, around every corner, jaw dropping, indescribable beauty. Golden aspen everywhere. A perfect incredible color year. Mountains- lightly snow covered peaks, pines, scented fir trees, rose hips, the river rushing, grassy valleys, brilliant blue sky, the smell of dry pine needles and dry leaves, a bald eagle- just a perfect day.”

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