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Phone calls, paperwork, and decisions

Shortly after waking, I was up and running. Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls. It seems all the horse chiropractors are either out hunting or at a conference and none of them will be back until Monday. That’s days away. But I finally got a phone call back from a horse chiropractor in Bayfield near Durango, and he was willing to meet us half way if we could get a trailer ride for Satchmo. The thing was, we had to leave NOW because he was helping us out on his day off – the day he and his wife were closing on their first home! I was grateful for his willingness to help on a stressful day for him, and¬†Clint was willing, so we jumped in the truck and rushed Satchmo out to meet with him. The chiropractor said his hip and stifle (a joint in the back leg) were out. After some adjustment, Satchmo walked noticeably better. We were hopeful that this would help his limping.

Then, when we got back to Clint’s house, we made many for phone calls about a fifth horse. Since Satchmo is very likely to be able to work again, we have decided to try to keep him with us and find a spare horse to go with us. The problem is, we need it to be as free as possible since we are not working and were only able to save just so much for this year long trip. We thought we had found a tough little horse to try out, but then got a disappointing phone call back that when they tried to load him in the trailer, they discovered that he had regressed pretty bad on his training and was going to be way to wild for our needs. I kept making phone calls like crazy, praying that God would guide our decisions.

I called the IRS concerning the paperwork, and was pleasantly surprised that the lady assigned to help us was very sweet. They thankfully gave us a two week extension to get back to them, but I know that we will have to get it done ASAP because we will be in the mountains without a computer very shortly.

Clint and Charlene took us over to John and Ericka Moore’s house for dinner. They had a great get-together of friends- all of them ‘horsey’ people. It was a fun evening of visiting and talking about our favorite subject- horses.

We left Satchmo at Clint’s house, and he is sad without the others who are still at the fairgrounds, but at least he is right there so we can ice his withers. It seems to be helping. I keep telling myself, just one day at a time…. just one day at a time.

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  1. glad to see you’ve made it over the first pass with the t’storms and all. there was severe weather yesterday in much of the southwest so am glad to see you’re okay. Tornados near Flagstaff, Snowstorms in California mountains and lightning hit someone in Utah.

    Keep safe. Love you all and we are praying for you.

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