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Pike’s Peak and becoming radio stars

After hugging our ponies and letting them out in the pasture to just rest and be horses for at least a week, we hit the ground running with a whole lot of catching up. My pocket calendar got real filled up real fast! We were busy, working hard, and taking advantage of the resources in the biggest town we’ve been in since Sacramento.

But we needed a little time out too. So we took an afternoon off (after a radio interview in the morning) and headed up to see Pike’s Peak. I’ve always wanted to see this mountain- mainly because it supposedly was the backdrop for the town on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman – my favorite TV show as a kid. I loved that show so much that I wanted to marry Sully, wear Dr. Quinn’s dresses, and name my daughter Colleen. I still want a daughter named Colleen, but I haven’t convinced Richard to go for that name yet! :) So it comes as no surprise how Pike’s Peak made it on my “to see” list.

We were hoping we wouldn’t be disappointed after just riding over some of the most spectacular mountain scenery I’ve ever seen. It ended up being very enjoyable. The drive up the mountain was 19 miles long. It is, or at least was, the highest mountain peak in the world that you could drive to. The elevation at the top was 14,110, the highest Richard and I have ever been and still touching earth. We came close when we climbed the Grand Teton, but that was 13,770. I remember that number because we earned every last footstep up that thing! The air was thin on top of Pike’s Peak, but we didn’t have near the issue that some of the visitors were having because we haven’t been below 7,000 feet in a couple months. Being at just under 5,000 feet in Pueblo is a real change. The view was also wonderful, and we could see how much snow the continental divide has on it now! It comes as no surprise that the woman who wrote the words to the song “America the Beautiful” did so after she first came to the top of this mountain.

The road was quite a trip to drive. Richard was having a hard time with the drop offs, but I was pretty proud of him as he drove the whole way up. I guess that’s one thing about life’s traumas; they very well may affect you the rest of your life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t trust and lean on God to help you walk productively and successfully through life with your head up despite your fears. Heck, why not take God’s hand and face your fears head on. Afraid of heights? Seek out trails with cliffs. Ask Richard- that will force you to work through your issues in a hurry! The  principles that Hearts Up Ranch is built on have been put into effect on this very ride! I think God has interesting ways of giving us empathy for others, not to mention a sense of humor!

We really enjoyed the little fox at the top that clearly had the pitiful look down so he could get people to give him food. I didn’t give in- it’s wrong to feed wild animals people food- but I did take advantage of getting some good pictures. Oh- and I succumbed to the calling of fudge in the gift shop at the top. That made a good trip great! :)

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