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Playing Catch-up

Ladies and Gentlemen- start your engines! Get ready for the next chapter of the ‘Ride Across America’ saga hot off the press! I sincerely apologize for such a long wait on new blogs! That was a lot of work to catch up from such a long time being in the wilderness! I know how the story goes, but for most of you, it must be something like waiting in nail-biting anticipation for an author to finally finish and print the next book in a series! Thank you for your loyalty to this ongoing story, your support, your comments and emails, and especially your prayers.

I can pretty much summarize the last week and a half in one phrase- ‘playing catch-up!’ From the time we hugged our 5 equine pals goodbye to let them just rest and be horses for a week or more, we have hit the ground running. I have spent countless hours blogging, downloading pictures, emailing, and updating the website. Richard has been working on mending gear, oiling our dusters to keep them waterproof, replacing worn out zippers, and doing odd jobs to make a few bucks for our spending money. We have made numerous phone calls to various media, have been interviewed by papers, spoke at churches, and been on 3 different radio stations. (Notice we have a new media page on the website that we will update with current news stories and favorites. FYI you can listen live to us on the radio on Tuesday and Wednesday the 15th and 16th.) We also have successfully gained the support of several more businesses who are sponsoring this ride with various items. The company Milk Specialties Global has offered to supply us with a fat supplement called Cool Calories 100 to help keep winter weight on the horses. Both Renegade and Easy Boots have offered more hoof boots. Exped camping pads are replacing our pads because the pumps are worn out. They are excited to dissect our old pads to improve them since they are unaware of any other long distance and long term test done on these awesome camping pads. And Skito, a company that specializes in horse pads to help ill fitting saddles be comfortable on the horse, has offered to work with us. Not to mention, we have been running around town getting warranty replacements for my cell phone and camera that have both recently bit the dust- probably because they got too much dirt in them in the desert!We have spent bits and pieces of time getting to know Bev, Anne, their housemate Jess, and their mom Ila and being totally spoiled by their amazing cooking! Overall, we have been overwhelmingly and warmly welcomed in Pueblo and have been given many contacts for places to stop in the upcoming towns and well into Kansas.

We have taken two afternoons off to enjoy a little sight seeing… but you will have to wait for chronological order to see those stories and pictures! I will only say this… they involved tigers and blood….. ! :) He he – now you’re really wondering! :)

We are nearly ready to wrap up our to-do lists and start heading towards Kansas. While we ride and make more stories, please enjoy the next set of blogs as we recount our adventures over the Rocky Mountains. I sincerely hope there will be no more gaps as big as this one was! :) Happy reading and God Bless.

-Jeannette and Richard, Tiska, Apache, Fiddle, Chance, Satchmo, and the board at Hearts Up Ranch.


  1. so glad your back posting again! i was checking this site about 2-3 times a day.sure wish i was along with you for this adventure. im hoping to do something like this myself someday.

  2. What fun it was to join you on the trail just outside Pueblo West, CO on Nov. 4. I was with my friend, Arly, on our way to Santa Fe, NM to play some basketball in the NM Senior Games. Ann and Bev are sisters to Arly and Ila is the Mother of that amazing family. I’ve been to Ann’s home several times and you never know what kind of excitement you will find until you get there. This time topped them all! Ann & Bev fixed a really tasty picnic lunch and we headed up the canyon to where you were on the trail. What a joy it was to see you “in action” with all the horses, equip and the excitement you generated as you covered ground. On our way back from Santa Fe a few days later, we joined you for some of the scrumptious food you talked about and a wonderful evening of story telling! I am so amazed at what you are doing and how real you both are! I have no doubt that you will make it all the way and you will see the birth of that HeartsUp Ranch! Someday I would love to see it for myself! Bless you both, my prayers are with you.

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