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Any Floridians out there who want to send some warmer weather this way? We have seen -10 to -20 every single night for the last week and a half! Most of those days have not even warmed to above zero or single digits. Add on the wind chill, and we’ve got ourselves four cute ‘pony-sicles’! The fuzzy little guys have been doing quite well though. I only saw Apache shivering one day, and he warmed up after I threw them a bunch of alphalpha hay. The challenge, though, is their water. I’ve never seen anything like it- our creek froze, the water flowed over top, it froze again, and repeated every day. The ice road that used to be a creek has frozen so high it’s nearly overflowed its banks! So alas, we are hand watering with buckets for now. What a joy to bring them in the house, melt the ice with boiling water, refill, and repeat morning and night- NOT! The one good benefit- our horses are learning to drink when water is available and not wait- an excellent
¬†quality for a long distance trail horse. However, Richard and I are grumbling about the time consuming chore and may just give in and buy a large tub and water heater…..

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