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Puncture wounds

The most dangerous things on the trail seem to be the unseen ones. The coil of hidden barbed wire, the badger hole, hidden cactus plants, rattle snakes, broken glass bottles, and nails to name a few. We vigilantly watch for these things and hope that our horses’ feet have become tough enough to handle it when we miss them.

Unfortunately, we had to deal withtwo puncture wounds in a row! First, Satchmo stepped on something, possibly glass, that cut into his frog (the sensitive part on the bottom of the hoof.) It was bleeding, but he was not limping. We doctored it twice a day and kept hoof boots on him to prevent any rocks from wedging into the wound. He is healing nicely from that and it does not seem to bother him. However, I do wish that he was a better patient, as he was none too fond of us poking around in his wound, which resulted in a lovely bruise on my leg after he kicked me.

Then we got to camp and found a nail in Fiddle’s hoof. My heart sank as we could not tell how far in it went. We were ready with the colloidal silver (a natural liquid antibiotic) to drip into the hole immediately after Richard pulled the nail out with pliers and before the puncture hole closed back up. Thankfully, it was only in about a quarter inch and has not bothered her at all. These were good reminders on why never to skip picking their feet after a day’s ride, no matter how hot and tired we are!

Reminder- This Friday is Hearts Up Ranch benefit day! Don’t miss this opportunity to donate to a good cause and participate in a fundraising marathon! Your support, participation, and encouragement are often our motivation for “keepin on keepin on!”

Sincerely, Richard and Jeannette on the Ride Across America

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