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Rained Out!

Yikes! It was raining cats and dogs this morning when we woke up. The plan was to ride in the rain since Mayor Rediger was not available for the rain date on Tuesday. We were at the barn and getting the horses ready by 6am. The other horse riders who were crazy and awesome enough to be willing to ride in the rain with us, along with our photographer and videographer were all up and getting ready too. But the rain turned into a fairly serious thunderstorm. Then came the mad phone scramble- talkingbetween our coordinators, city officials, horse parade escorts, police officers, and assistants. The final decision was made to postpone to Tuesday- putting safety of everyone involved first. No need to recreate our thunderstorm experience we had up on top of the mountain in Utah… plus drag others with us!

But a HUGE thank you to all you troopers who were willing to roll with it, get wet, and support us no matter what! :)

The good news? We have a rain date for Tomorrow – Tuesday, April 12th – same time same place! AND – the Mayor has cleared his schedule and will still be able to be there. We have many wonderful helpers from the Cape Girardeau area and even around the country who have been instrumental in planning this event, and I’m sure we will all have much more fun tomorrow…. in the SUN! :)

  • Horse Parade starting at 9am on Siemers Rd. next to Walmart in Cape Girardeau and turning down Bloomfield Rd. toward the river.

  • Ceremony/Press conference/ Photo Opps at 11am at the River Campus parking lot

  • Coast to coast riders cross bridge with police escort at noon

Yeeee Haaaa!!!!

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