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Ramrods and Horses- Wreck #2

Being around horses every single day has its risks. We had, of course, one very scary accident right in the beginning I hope to never see the likes of again. But six months with no other incidents has been pretty good. Well, ok, we did have the whole bucket dragging rodeo- but no harm was done. Today got a little exciting.

Richard and I had just tied the horses to Wulf’s hitching rails and were preparing to hit the trail this morning. I had just picked up Apache’s first foot to put his boots on when things got a little crazy. Satchmo somehow got his lead rope under the end of the hitching rail made of large telephone poles and was pulling straight up with concern that he was stuck. I went to rush to help him to prevent any accident when Apache got scared because Satchmo was scared, so he pulled back on the rail with all his might. Satchmo’s strength pulling straight up had pulled the spikes nearly out that were holding the rail together, and Apache’s strength pulling back ripped the top of the already loosened hitching rail right off the posts. So then we had two scared horses who were attached by their lead ropes to a horizontal telephone pole that was swinging around between them like a ramrod that they were trying to run away from- right towards Wulf’s BMW. I jumped in the middle of them and yanked Apache towards the barn and that force turned Satchmo’s butt towards the car instead of the swinging beam that would have bashed the car to pieces. The pole then smashed into the barn- but that was ok because it didn’t really even leave a mark. But Apache was still freaked out and pulled back again. But this time, my foot was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he pulled back with all his weight- on my foot- pinning me down where I couldn’t escape from the still swinging hitching-post-turned-ramrod. Just then, (only about 5 seconds later but it felt like 5 years) Richard came to the rescue and calmed Satchmo so his end of the pole quit swinging around and he was able to untie him. This soothed Apache enough that he stopped long enough to get off my foot and for me to untie him as well.

Richard went in to get some ice, as I had acquired quite a limp. Wulf and the whole gang came out to see what was going on, and then they encouraged us to stay a day so I could put my quickly swelling foot up and ice it. So, we put the horses away and I spent the rest of the day in a hammock in the yard icing my foot!

The Ryan family, Wulf’s neighbors, spent the afternoon entertaining us by teaching us all kinds of survival and primitive skills. Richard got to practice making a fire with no matches, and I learned from  my hammock how to make simple flour “pockets” on campfire coals that you could fill with anything yummy for a meal. Wulf also entertained us with offers for a “fair” horse trade – He wanted to trade an old horse he had which had cancer for Satchmo and Tiska! He then ‘sweeted’ the deal by throwing in a crazy mustang that destroyed everything (owned by someone else) for our two. In jest, we offered to trade for his high quality Belgian stallion, but apparently we were too tough of horse traders because the deal never went through! :)

*** Just a side note so you don’t worry- my foot, two and a half weeks later, is still bruised but doing ok. It doesn’t bother me much as long as it doesn’t get bumped. It will be fine in time, and I am grateful that it was a minor injury considering what could have happened during this horse indident.


  1. WOW what a day. I hope you never have to trade any of your horses…but whatever is best for them.
    Yet two for an old one with cancer didn’t sound like a fair trade either. Hope you heal quickly. Grateful it wasn’t worse.
    You are one tough cookie J. Prayers for all. Terry

  2. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I loved the pics. They were great! May God continue to keep you safe.
    Your sis in Christ

  3. WAYYYY too exciting reading!!! And I thought you were just going for a nice trail ride across the country!!! I haven’t missed a blog yet and I hope to read on to the last ‘episode’ with you. Love you all and am so glad you are both tough and young with a lot of ‘bounce’ in ya!!! Janet

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