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Random Acts of Kindness

I was truly blown away today. I called our hometown State Farm office in Jackson, Wyoming expecting a somewhat frustrating and lengthy phone call. Before we left home, we had many things to plan ahead for- one of them being our car insurance. We had set up a plan to have the car insurances suspended for 6 months, pay for insurance for a month, then put them back on  suspension. This plan was a way to keep our insurance policy so we wouldn’t lose our discounts, but also keep it affordable while not working for a year. Understandably however, I have to re-explain my situation each time, as they deal with many individuals. Finagling insurance can also get a bit tricky at times, as well as annoying.

Not today! I called the office to find out the statis of our insurances and was told this: “We knew your insurance was expiring and you were out of cell range, so our office took up a collection, payed for your insurance, and you are all set until you come home.!” My reaction was “Wait……. what?!!?!?!” I was flabbergasted and nearly moved to tears by that kindness and generosity above the call of duty- not to mention the initiative to take care of us when we could not be reached before the insurance expired.

Here’s our standing ovation to State Farm Insurance company and their quality employees! They have earned our business time and time again, but this was personal and special. What an encouragement from our hometown! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You made my day!

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  1. Have been reading all your posts though not commenting on each. You guys are tough and so receiving the many blessing you deserve. Thank you God.

    You WILL KEEP BEING BLESSED…you are in Mormon country…good folks and rich blessings.
    The history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is filled with stories of people walking across the wide open spaces to UT. Ask a member of the church to tell you about the “hand cart pioneers”. They pulled hand carts themselves, no horse help….walking in really tough winter snows through the plains from Missouri to UT. Their unending faith, endurance and determination was AWESOME like you guys!
    All your animals are such GIVERS!!!!
    I still love my one of a kind “JM” spirit hat! So did my cousins. Would love to meet your Mother someday Jeanette. She must have a lot of faith and a lot of confidence in you and Richard or she would go nuts! LOL and prayers for you, Apache, Sachmo, Tiska and sweet endearing Fiddle.

    P.S. That bucket rodeo day was over the top!!

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